• Rachel Nakayama

You Had Me At "How's Everything?"

This is a real conversation between friends who are mothers.

A simple question among mothers: How's everything? And the truth unfolded. The reflection of what we knew in our hearts was "not right with our child" and the "trusting the doctors, nothing is wrong." And for this one mother, one year later, the doctor telling her the EXACT THING she was concerned about one year ago.

MOM GUILT IS REAL. It is one of the reasons I started this blog. To help promote the launch of a program to be an advocate or a sounding block, providing help and resources for parents with children who benefit from additional attention. Which let's be honest that's all children.

All we want to do is the best for our children and I feel like daily it is a question of did we fail, did I make a good decision? Doctors are just people that sat longer in school and spent more money to become qualified. That is not in any disrespect for doctors; but I think sometimes we turn to them as the answers for all questions when they have to share their experience and what they were taught in school.

The professionals sharing in our children's lives, are not the ones going home daily with our children. They get to tell us the news, the diagnosis, the treatment plan, and they go into the next room and repeat.

The words that hit me next: "I can't tell you how real that text is that you just said." And the reality is, we all as parents, struggle. If you feel like the "answers" you are getting are not the correct ones, there are other professionals. As one nurse told me, "that is why there are whole professions dedicated to helping children."

Please continue to follow our blog as the story unfolds.