• Rachel Nakayama

Monday Motivation

This Monday thought is actually a drawn out thought from this weekend as we hint at our plans for 2022 and finish out January.

This weekend I spent no time working and all the time with my daughter. A perfect way to stay warm when Florida saw a low of 24 degrees! Not an all-time low for Florida but the coldest it has been since I moved here. I digress.

There are so many "words of wisdom" parents will share; "you have no idea how much work a child will be, children need constant attention, children are a full-time job" just to give a few examples. However, there is one population I want to highlight.

Do you under-estimate your child walking? Talking? Giving you a hug or blowing you kisses? What about eating their dinner, even when they don't want it? Something even simpler, going to the bathroom.

There are parents of children who do not innately perform these tasks. Maybe the doctors said "they never will, they can't do that." Maybe the parents are unable to acquire the resources necessary to continue facilitating the brain pathways to form these connections. Possibly the child has suffered irreversible brain damage and cannot and will not ever say "I love you." If you are this parent, please stay tuned!

Why this hit me on a cold Sunday, I know there is a purpose for everything. I hope to change a life in 2022. I want to be adaptive!