• Rachel Nakayama


2022 has been an unreal year already. I think the theme so far has been unexpected. Nothing overall has been bad, COVID seems to be more like a typical respiratory infection now, ranging from awful to tolerable. Gas prices, well, all prices, are increased.

2022 marks the 6th full year in chiropractic medicine care. What does that mean? Well according to the Florida Statue FL 460.403 9a: “Practice of chiropractic medicine” means a noncombative principle and practice consisting of the science, philosophy, and art of the adjustment, manipulation, and treatment of the human body in which vertebral subluxations and other malpositioned articulations and structures that are interfering with the normal generation, transmission, and expression of nerve impulse between the brain, organs, and tissue cells of the body, thereby causing disease, are adjusted, manipulated, or treated, thus restoring the normal flow of nerve impulse which produces normal function and consequent health by chiropractic physicians using specific chiropractic adjustment or manipulation techniques taught in chiropractic colleges accredited by the Council on Chiropractic Education. No person other than a licensed chiropractic physician may render chiropractic services, chiropractic adjustments, or chiropractic manipulations. Whatever that means.

I like to think that what I do is similar to being a detective. I get to listen to a new case every 15-20 minutes and figure out what the issue with the body is. I am truly grateful for something new daily and a challenge! That is an article for another day.

2022 is also the first year that Elite Spine has been nominated for the Best of the Best community choice awards. We have made it to the top 5. I am so amazed that every day we have people that trust us to help them, to fix them. I only have one word to describe this. Humbled.