• Rachel Nakayama

Failure #101

It has been one week since we received the Otteroo. And my daughter hates it. Screams and cries as soon as it is strapped on.

As a first-time parent you are overwhelmed with the selection of products that "are the best for your baby!" The must-haves to raise a successful, society-contributing adult. Well, let me tell you, the number of items we have in "the nursery" that have been absolutely rejected. Not just "not interested" but straight up hated items. As a mother, you feel like a failure. You see the endless Instagram videos of these babies that are happy, laughing, enjoying the "newest toy."

I want to offer two perspectives here. One, how smart is your child to be able to communicate their dislikes/discomforts. Instead of viewing the rejection, let's applaud their choices. Second, is it really a failure on our part as parents? How many things do you remember in your first 24 months of life? I am going to say none; we may have memories ingrained from other people.

Did we fail with the Otteroo? This week yes, but this coming week, I am hopeful that we will be making the smiling, laughing Instagram videos too!

Also you may be wondering what this has to do with our office--my daughter is a great test subject for our plans for our clinic!

Stay tuned for our progress and thank you for reading!